Nursing labs ... different types of devices and sophisticated models#update operations and development in laboratories is continuous#no different educational models to suit different disciplines in the faculty#no bags fitted with the most important devices for home visits#number of students is the most important problems facing us.

It is a practical scientific faculty that depend in a large part of the educational process on their own hands ... It's the faculty of Nursing that has Quality Accreditation ... We visit a number of labs in the faculty of Nursing to know the situations in college laboratories , equipment and used educational models, in addition to the diversity of disciplines.


Assistant professor /Manal Salah Hassan - artistic manager of the laboratories at the Faculty of Nursing, Ain Shams University, said that Faculty of Nursing has about 5 different specialized laboratories, including basic labs A - B and used to teach students the basics of nursing, in this lab there are three beds by three educational models for patients, and when training 10 students standing next to each bed the equivalent of 30 students in the room, pointing that the labs contain on pressure gauges and other basic hardware that can be used for a student, She added that these devices are available for students to personal use learning through the instructions provided in the Office of the lab, to be that after two o'clock noon where the training lectures in the lab has ended.

Dr. Manal explained that the third and fourth divisions using mostly great basic lab in addition to the work in the hospitals.

Maintenance works are Continuous

She  commented that the cleaning of existing educational models in the laboratory are in accordance with the specific mechanism and using certain cleaning materials to preserve it, note that the process of cleaning is done periodically, also she stated that the maintenance and development in the laboratory is Continuous and not interrupted, saying that there are some maintenance operations in which they are back to manufacturers or competent, as well as orders that are provided every two or three by the need to replace equipment and appliances and collectibles dilapidated, and is typically supplied and the renewal of pressure gauges and other similar devices that are frequently used by students.

Dr. Manal said that the great lab which is often used by students of the third and fourth divisions contain educational models include different disciplines, including various gynecology conditions and diseases that may be affected by the patient, There are also models of specialty health of the community and what may be suffered by patients of various injuries and casual various levels of hazardous surface and in different parts of the body, in addition to children specialty also various diseases that may develop them and how to deal with them, saying that the faculty contain labs for children.


She demonstrated that there are large and specialized laboratories contain some of these devices that have been imported from hospitals which is connected models to be in the form of an actual patient, so that the students are trained on the mechanisms to deal with patients and with the devices, She stated that these devices are expired but useful for training and learning, noting that the number of these devices are all used about 4 in the work of training.


Dr. Manal explained that educational models in basic laboratories include special education autopsy, and the recovery of the heart and chest, different models for injuries as diverse as injuries due to screws or entering something sharp in the eye, or stabbed with a knife or injury shot lead and other models that may be repeated with patients.


Bags for field visits


She pointed out that the presence of bags with various hardware task which is used in emergency cases, which are available to students who go under training operations to outside hospitals and the college for example, in any care centers for the elderly and the of child houses care and other visits that can be classified as home visits.


During our tour between the labs of faculty of Nursing, Dr. Manal took us to another laboratory equipped for the exams, and made ​​it clear that students entering the plant on their own and interact with models as medical conditions, and are monitored through the display attached to the Chamber of Control and Monitoring screens, Noting that students move between educational models to deal with situations in a specific time frame because the time treated the nurse with the condition is important and articular especially for critical situations, so this is determined upon alarm bell specific, student moves once the headset from the educational model to another.


Dr. Manal explained that the students are dealing with real bodies in the morgue of Faculty of Medicine, referring to the cooperation with the faculty of Nursing with faculty of Medicine in this regard and other areas of practical training for students.


She said that the most important problems facing us is the number of students, in addition to that we hope to be separated labs hands to separate sections, following her speech by: but we solve this problem by regulating the timing of practical training in the laboratory.


More than 47 learning machine model in one lab at Faculty of Nursing


Generally, we  can count the number of educational models in basic laboratory in some reservoirs lab in 2 computer simulation of the process of natural childbirth manual ,4 model for a child's arm for training on intravenous intramuscular ,2 simulator stages of the birthing process natural and unnatural , in addition to the 2 Mannequin simulated the process of childbirth computer ,2 simulator degrees cervical dilation different during the process of natural childbirth ,6 simulator to sew the incision perineum during natural childbirth ,6 simulator to sew the incision perineum during natural childbirth ,2 device mega special code to CPR ,2 arm Mannequin for intravenous infusion , as well as one group for training on the suction nasal laryngeal ,2 set for training on wounds and burns of all kinds ,2 full body bloodiest works -mail , along with 2 stereo for a newborn baby to take care of the airway ( head only) ,1 Mannequin training recovery pulmonary heart ( provider ivy Top ) ,1 Mannequin training recovery pulmonary heart chest ,2 simulation model particularly the revitalization of the heart-lung chest ,2 model for a child's arm for injection of intravenous ,2 model for a child recovery pulmonary heart , in addition to 2 stereo to a child in pre-school age to take care of the course air , and 2 model simulation for training on the normal breathing of a newborn baby .