Ibrahim Nassar focuses on research related to the treatment of cancer

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Nassar works on a range of researches that focuses on the discovery of compounds that can be used in the treatment of cancer, and Nassar has received three awards as an international publication awards through successive years, Nassar depends in his research along coefficient Faculty of Specific Education on the other laboratories is collaborating with, is also collaborating with some researchers and research centers abroad.

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Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Fathi Nassar ... is a personal dedicated his life in the laboratory and between experiments... his dream is to appoint new innovation researchers and doctors in various fields of science ... spends most of his time holding intravenously and keeping watch for the results of experiments ... to contribute to the treatment of cancer patients is a supreme goal runs behind actively.


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Nassar earned three awards bonuses during the publication of an international consecutive years are 2009, 2010.2011, and was and is still the bulk of his research focused on cancer.


Research gets a patent from the European Union

Presented a research in a collaboration with the Faculty of Science and got it to patent from the European Union, we have a dialogue about his scientific research on the compounds used other compounds by the use of metal was to test the cancer cells, and then testing the relationship of the installation and efficiency.


This research and other researches are a series of research must be carried out by those interested, and in this context, research was presented to the faculty of Pharmacy to complete work on it and conduct tests on the tumor cells, the results were promising as it achieved the highest positive results compared to research vehicles presented before him in terms of effectiveness against cancer cells, and thus obtained a patent on February 3, 2014.


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Nassar works according to more than a technique for the preparation of heterocyclic compounds and the linking sugars, and this research is also linked to the cancer cells.


Among the research on which it runs are now also use the organometallic chemistry technique with organic metals compounds to produce inorganic compound for the treatment of cancer.


Bilharzia and oil pipelines areas of research work by Nassar


cancer was not the main concern of  professor, Dr. Nassar only, but he was also interested in bilharzia and prepared some of the research and the results of his research was good.


Research in the medical field and compounds that produce materials that can be used in the treatment is not the only area in which he worked; Nassar has worked on researches that helped him to develop compounds can be used as a layer paint reduces the degree of corrosion metal oil pipelines, as it worked in the field of chemistry organometallic using Alaladiom components and was completed this search and got it patented.


During the recent period, he has sent another research for publication addresses the compounds tested its effectiveness in the labs of faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Azhar University about colon cancer and breast cancer, where the two boats used with good effectiveness.


He now supervise on four students working in the area of ​​research.


Prof. Dr. Nassar preferred to focus on his research in the field of cancer because the disease is widespread and many people suffer from it.

Lack of possibilities and obstacles highlighted the weakness of support


prof. Dr. Ibraham learnt in France and Spain, and has gained during the period of receiving science several skills to use modern techniques and this is what has not been supplied to him when he returned to Egypt to complete the process of his research, where attached to this that the possibilities of laboratories is not sufficient, as there are not in university laboratories possibilities for prevention and health insurance, and there are no budgets for the publication of research, and there is enough funding to researchers from universities.


prof. Dr. Nassar Collaborates with research centers outside the framework of Ain ​​Shams University to be able to compensate for the shortfall in the possibilities which he suffers from it, where is cooperating with the Petroleum Research Center, and the National Research Center, in addition to a number of other laboratories, is also collaborating with researchers at the Faculty of Science and Pharmacology Ain Shams University, Nassar also collaborates with a number of researchers in France to conduct research with France on an organic compound to enter it for the preparation of metal organometallic compounds to reach certain temperatures.