Closing events of Environment Week at Faculty of Al-Alsun

Written by: Ahmed Abdel Nour

The last activities of the Environment Week were held under the auspices of Prof. Mona Fuad, Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Salwa Rashad, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Abdul Moaty Saleh, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affair . The opening of the second round project in the Faculty in the framework of awareness campaigns for the cleanliness and beautification of the faculty, where all the work of maintenance , cleaning and finishing of the works of plumbing, carpentry, electricity, paint , renovation and coordination of the panels on the walls and the role of the funds dedicated to waste recycling .

The day ended with honoring of the Faculty workers who won the cleanliness and beautification competition of the faculty and the students participating in the campaign, and also honored the administrators and workers referred to the pension in appreciation of what they have done over the years in the service of the faculty.