Education, building and motivating self-abilities in the Faculty of Education

By: Nermeen Nour El Din

The Center of Educational Excellence at the Faculty of Education in cooperation with the Heritage Company for Consulting and Training organized a Symposium (Education, Building and Motivating Self-Capacity) for the international expert, Turki Khan, a consultant for the development of personal and mental abilities, which is specialized in marital relations, family, goal setting, overcoming difficulties and the child education counselor at ACT Consulting Center.

In her opening speech, Dr. Rasha Kamal emphasized the Center's keenness to provide various educational services that enhance the abilities of students, teachers and researchers, noting that students should continue to participate in workshops and seminars on human development and self-development.

A large number of students, researchers and teachers attended the seminar. The seminar dealt with psychological and social theories related to the intellectual, psychological and behavioral development of children and adolescents, the family and its educational role in building and discovering the personality of the child, relations between the family members, the teacher and their role in building the personality and abilities of the individual and the role of the adult in discovering and developing his personal abilities.