Ain Shams University is the first Egyptian university to implement the system of community service faculties

By: Rabab Nassar

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University and Dr. John Larson, President of the Ocean Conte College, New Jersey, signed a cooperation protocol to activate the system of community service colleges in Egypt at the headquarters of Qasr Al-Za'afran.

The signing of the Protocol comes as a step towards the activation of the system of community service colleges in Egypt following the signing of the protocol of joint cooperation between the Supreme Council of Universities and the American University of Ocean for the establishment of community service colleges in Egypt, which was witnessed by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research last Sunday at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of Universities.

This system allows students to enter the labor market through studying this system for four consecutive years so that the student in the first and second years of the University of Ocean and then the third and fourth years of the University of Ain Shams or the United States of America at a university accredited by the University of Ocean.

The Community Service Colleges provide students with the opportunity to study for two consecutive years and then go out to the labor market, if the student returns to complete his studies for another two years as desired.

After completion of the four years of study, the student obtains a bachelor's or a bachelor's degree with a certificate from Ain Shams University, American Ocean University and the Ministry of Higher Education.