Vacant leadership positions at Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University announces leadership positions at the rank of General Manager, in accordance with Law No. 81 of 2016:

Secretary of the Faculty of Science (Director General (

Secretary of the Faculty of Law (Director General (

Director General of Public Relations and Media Department.

- Secretary of Al-Alsun Faculty (Director General).

The applicant must apply in person to complete the prepared forms in the technical office of university president at Al-Zaafran Palace, Al-Khalifa Al-Maamoon Street - Abbasiya - Cairo (as of 5/8/2018 and for one month), according to the conditions stated in the description card as follows:

- High qualification suitable for the type of work with experience in the field of work.

- The applicant must spend at least two years in a job of the lower degree directly.

- The applicant shall pass the training programs in accordance with the training system contained in the provisions of the law.

- The applicant shall has the ability to lead and direction.

- Knowledge of a foreign language.

- Certificate of proficiency in the use of computer.