Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector gives great importance to developing projects and programs that

Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector gives great importance to developing projects and programs that will raise the level of services provided to students and researchers, and that could reach the university to Advanced categorize in international rankings of universities, so the development of the sector plans to achieve these ambitions through as soon as possible.

The issue that University get advanced rating is on one of the main priorities

You give great importance to the university get an advanced position in the world rankings, what are the actions you have taken to achieve this?

There is no doubt that one of the main objectives and priorities set by the current university administration is get the university an advanced position within the international rankings. The university is working through three sectors of advancement of the competitive status for the University, either for graduate studies and research have adopted a number of initiatives, programs and developed projects, including for example:

First: project to develop a distinctive base of researchers at Ain ​​Shams University, and through the organization of meetings enlightening on supporting research and funding bodies.

Secondly, the project to strengthen and develop the infrastructure of scientific research at Ain ​​Shams University, and the project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity through cutting-edge technology to meet the research needs of the university's faculties. This project includes the electronic archiving, and develop an information base devices and laboratory information systems.


Third, encourage research projects that have priority, and in this context, the leaders of faculties, there was agreement by the University Council, and standing committees to guide the research work and guide the efforts of faculties around priority topics that the state and society need.

Fourthly, outputs of scientific research employment project and take advantage of them, and marketed. This project aims to develop a national database on the outcomes of scientific research, patents and workshops for technology transfer and settlement with national and international institutions, and the development of legal mechanisms and organizational marketing outputs research.

Fifthly, pay more attention to topics and issues that have new research priorities. The sector management has begun the process of ministries poll about new topics and issues priority research, which pose a challenge to the state and society over the next five years, the responses of several ministries has reached, which provided valuable information for the analysis and selection of priorities.

Sixth, development of rules and procedures to support scientific research, and will include the development process preparing a handbook of rules and procedures to support scientific research, which updated and add some new material during the year 2012/2013. Booklet will be prepared in both Arabic and English to be accessible reference to researchers based in faculties to use it during the preparation of applications for their research in line with the latest policies of Ain Shams University and its laws and procedures.

Seventh, databases program of scientific production and university researchers, which aims to: -

Design and create databases of scientific production of the University of All Kinds to serve as the official record of the scientific productivity of the University, and the establishment of a program for database participation of faculty members in various scientific events (conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, prizes).

Eighth, preparation of e- manual to a database of faculty members includes biography of each member.


You mentioned in previous interviews that there is an increase in the number of postgraduate students, how about the annual rate of increase, and in what disciplines? Whether accompanied by an increase in the provision of possibilities?

Already there is an increase in the number of graduate students in various faculties and institutes of university, where Graduate Studies and Research sector in  University adopts several initiatives to develop the sector and graduate programs, which are as follows: -

First, the development of postgraduate studies regulations and modernized system of credit hours and in this context, postgraduate studies and research is preparing to organize a workshop headed by prof. D / Ali Abdel Aziz, and attended by vices of faculties for Graduate Studies , a group of specialists and academics experts in the field of the development of regulations and laws. The workshop aims to modify and revise all regulations Postgraduate colleges and institutes of the university to make them free of any distortion of the rules or laws, in order to serve the educational environment at the university.

Second, the unification of the admission policy in postgraduate studies (enrollment, registration)

Third, restructure the rules governing the supervision of academic theses and doctoral degrees through the development of a proposal to develop a system to supervise the academic Masters and PhDs, the proposal has addressed the following items, trying to put its organization rules: -

The formation of authority overseeing the Masters, PhDs, and registration for masters and doctorate, in addition to the composition and functions of the Commission for Higher Studies department, judged on the theses, as well as procedures for dealing with disputes.

Fourth, develop a clear system for registration procedures and graduate registration electronically.

Fifth, improving postgraduate curriculum and programs through the development of policy evaluation, periodic review of the decisions and programs on an annual basis, root evaluation once every seven years, methods of publicity this calendar, a mechanism to modify these programs and courses when needed, codification of the details of these changes and the reasons for it in the records these courses and programs.

Sixth The Office of International Collaboration is responsible for activating the procedures and policies to ensure that attract more students from the Arab states, Islamic world and the organization of promotional and marketing campaigns in this regard.

How many applicants for graduate studies this year?

According to the latest statistics released by the General Administration of Graduate Studies in the University, the number of students enrolled for Master's degree is 5566 students where the number enrolled for the doctoral degree has reached 700 students in year 2012/2013

What is the total amount of researches presented by professors in various faculties of the university this year, and whether there is an increase in the percentage of research that they get it?

We cannot give an exact figure for the number of researches that provided by members of the teaching stuff in faculties of various university, as there are many extended researches. It means that the period of implementation require more than a year, but we can say that the number of researches continues to increase, especially in the medical, engineering and basic sectors.

The sector now takes many of the measures and actions that would contribute to support and broaden the base of scientific research in the university through:

First, prepare periodical bulletin includes the contributions and innovations of faculty members posted on the University's website to encourage faculty members.

Secondly, the establishment of a database for inventory of researches published annually.

Third, create databases of scientific production of university of all kinds to serve as the official record of the scientific productivity of the university.

Fourth, the establishment of a program for database of participation of faculty members in various scientific events (conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, prizes).

Fifth, Preparation of electronic manual for database of faculty members includes a C V of each member.

During our visit to laboratories of the Faculty of Science, we noticed that most modern equipment brought by comprehensive development program, and that the heads of departments pointed out that the possibilities granted by the University is weak?

Most of faculties of the university worked to take advantage of the support of the University of the Project Management Unit at Ministry of Higher Education (program of continuous development and rehabilitation for Accreditation…). Faculty of Science has updated some student’s and researches labs, and the development of the infrastructure of the faculty, which is encouraged by the university administration and the supporting material as much as possible and as potential material available to the University. The University is working hard to support their own resources by opening new horizons for different areas that would provide the material resources of the University.

The University has recently established a center to support own resources, which seeks to activate the community services towards the university in the fields of scientific research support and university facilities. It supports outstanding students and to provide grants for the disabled students through sons of Egyptian society, the Arab volunteers from students, graduates of the university and donors Arab and international interested in supporting university activities. In light of the lack of the estimated allocations for education and that makes the university is not able to meet the needs of the community to improve the quality of university education in light of the low budget for education.

We have merged the needs of the ministries in the research plans to circulate on faculties and to be a priority.

The link between scientific research with the needs and requirements of the community is very important, so is there any studies conducted to determine these needs, or contact with certain parties, and is there a way to propose these topics for researchers, whether they are students or researchers or faculty members?

As mentioned before the University has addressed all ministries and government bodies to know their research and the main challenges and obstacles they face, and most of the ministries responded to us. Those responses and needs has been merged in the research plan for the University, which will be circulated to the university faculties to merge them in their plans research to become priorities for research and study, with the subject map priorities of scientific research to regular review. It is important to take into account dealing with crises that occur from time to time.

In your assessment, what is the extent to which the state and its cooperation with the researchers to carry out their research and take advantage of them?

A policy document is being prepared regarding its relationship between the state with university and community development sectors, in addition to defining the mechanisms of interaction with the community and the tools to monitor and record the activities provided to the community and within the framework of efforts to implement the strategy of scientific research from 2012 to 2016.

Did you put a mechanism by which you are trying to motivate researchers to communicate with the productive enterprises to take advantage of the research are offered at the university?

Underway to develop a mechanism for the allocation of research funding for most research teams and research projects on a competitive basis, with the adoption of peer assessment of research proposals that have Applied and Technology nature. This is in addition to conduct a study on the requirements of the institutions of the university and the productive areas of the services that provided by the university. It also will put the plan to create a unit to support the relationship of the university with community, and to identify their needs and functions and mechanisms to organize their work according to best international practices of the relationship of the university enterprise productivity and community service and development. There is an expansion in private sector involvement in the advisory committees of the University.

Our strategy includes attracting and resettlement of experiences and distinctive competencies.

What is the extent of cooperation between the university and the Egyptian researchers who are abroad?

The strategy for the preparation of the scientific research system is to attract and resettlement experiences and distinctive competencies abroad as a priority objective paramount, and we will try to achieve this goal due to its great importance in the development of the university.


There was a previous research plan and has been preparing a new plan for scientific research at the university, how much percentage of completion achieved by the previous plan? To where the new plan reached?


In fact, the university does not have specific research plan in the past, but the university was relying completely on the general strategic plan while working on the implementation of its purpose and strategic objectives through scientific research varied for many researchers in the university. In the recent period, we have seen the need to develop a strategy aimed at strengthening scientific research and associated development in technology and innovation capabilities in the use of scientific and technological input and innovative in the formulation of a better future for Ain Shams University. In addition, in seeking to define its objectives there was always an awareness of the fact that it cannot be for scientific research to address in isolation from the fundamental activities of the other, such as the acquisition and development of technology add to innovation. As the foundation of the strongest possible ties between scientific research and the acquisition and dissemination of technology to add innovative capabilities on the one hand and between the industrial and service activities, on the other hand is essential if the objectives of comprehensive development to realized and that is effectively sustainability.


The strategic represent the roadmap that involves a number of steps and the beginning of an evaluation of the policies, initiatives, programs and institutional settings key and that may help, or may work to prevent the implementation of the policies of scientific research and innovation at different levels and focus on selected sectors with high potential and priorities in development. We should try to work from the very beginning and make a detailed study of these programs with a focus on both the positive and negative contributions. In this context, the sector of postgraduate Studies and Research to verify the needs of ministries, sectors and units and stakeholders targeted and the extent of their potential in contributing to the implementation of specific programs and initiatives designed to enhance research capacity and the introduction of new knowledge in various fields and disciplines.


We have already developed an integrated map of research include all topics, which received through the responses of many of the ministries, and have complete the final stages of the plan to be circulated to faculties as soon as possible.


Since you and you put a new plan, what are the most important disciplines that prefer to focus on?


Designed to expand the establishment of postgraduate programs and research disciplines and multiple interfaces.


How many scholarships, which went to study abroad during the year 2013?


Number of delegates in the study vacation is (261) of all faculties and institutes of the university, as the number of delegates in the scientific missions is (166) of all faculties and institutes of the university, and the number of delegates in internal and external secondments is (1035) delegates from different faculties and institutes of the university, but for envoys in foreign missions were numbered (67) and joint supervision missions were numbered (40) members, and these numbers are not final numbers because they are increasing every day.


Is the recent events in Egypt have influenced on agreements or memoranda of understanding with universities or research centers abroad?


There is no doubt that the recent events in the country have affected a bit on the volume of activity and cultural exchange outside the university, but we have got back with this, and we've created the Office of International Collaboration and Technology Transfer in the University headed by Dr. / Asim Abu El-Maati - to be responsible for strengthen and expand the circle of cultural and scientific exchanges of the University with the States and international authorities.


The university has already seen a significant recovery in the volume of agreements and memorandums of understanding with local, Arab and international universities, as the university received in the recent period of several Arab and foreign delegations interested in cooperation with the university.


We are studying the possibility of reducing the expenses of graduate students.


There are a number of agreements signed by the university in the past, does all of them are activated?


The University has hundreds of agreements and memoranda of understanding with various universities, agencies and scientific bodies and research at the local, regional and international levels as well. And of course not all of them disabled, but in the recent period focused on the university to activate most of those conventions through the establishment of degrees of joint scientific and exchange of faculty members and students, and so through the Office of International Collaboration and technology transfer at the university.


Postgraduate students complain of high fees to apply for graduate studies at the university during the last three years, two or three times, what is the reason?


We do not deny that there are some increases in tuition fees for graduate students in the recent period, but the increase was intended to provide resources to self-support for the University to be able to improve university services provided to graduate students, especially for students in practical faculties, which requires students to use the equipped labs with the latest appliances and technical laboratory to help them accomplish their scientific theses.


However, due to the large number of complaints made ​​by the students affected by the raise of expenses, we are currently doing a study of the possibility of reducing expenses again in order to suit the conditions of all categories of students and encourage them to continue to complete their studies and research.